Schools and other Professionals

We offer training for schools and other professionals on a range of issues. We can also work with schools in a variety of ways. This includes ensuring that any school based assessment is always in close consultation with school staff, offering consultation around specific issues, research and evaluation services. The staff involved during any pupil assessment will be dependent on the individual circumstances and the agreed assessment.  

What training do we offer? 

We also offer a full range of training, evaluation and research services to school staff.  Some recent examples of training include:

  • Self Regulation
  • Effects of acquired brain injury in the classroom
  • Working with children with Autism and ASD
  • Working with children who have experienced trauma
  • Attachment
  • Using video in the classroom to support peer relationships.  
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How is training carried out?

All training will initially be discussed with the person requesting the training.  We will conduct a needs analysis and establish what training gap you have identified in your school and your ideas about how this might be effectively filled.  Sometimes the needs analysis results in a slightly different direction being taken, but this will always be in full consultation and agreement with the school. 

At Connect to Thrive, we are keen to ensure that the outcomes of training are fully evaluated. We also think carefully with you about what model of training will suit your organisation best.  Sometimes this is a small group or individual intervention, sometimes it will involve the whole school.  We will work with you during the needs analysis phase to establish what outcomes you want to achieve and what the best way to go about achieving these outcomes is.  

The fee structurefor training will be negotiated with you during the initial consultations and will detail clearly the cost of different agreed elements.