Parents are key in ensuring that we get the right assessment and support in place for children and young people.  They know their child better than any professional ever will and are fundamental in ensuring that we are able to identify the correct supports.  In the majority of assessments, the views of the parents/carers will be key to ensuring that we have an accurate picture as possible as to what is going on for a child.  We will often start off our assessment / support process by carrying out an in depth consultation with parents where we can learn about your child, what impact the issues you are facing is having on your family, and your ideas about what you would like to happen.  Sometimes this is best done along with the child / young person present, in other circumstances, this might not be appropriate.  

What can I expect as a parent?  

All of our psychologists are committed to working with parents to ensure that information and processes are transparent and that you are fully aware of the plan for your child. Some parents like to receive a report at the end of our involvement, some would like us to input our findings into a school based planning meeting.  This will be negotiated with you and the best option for your individual circumstances will be discussed.  

Support for parents

Parents are centrally involved in ensuring that the best and most appropriate interventions are in place for their child.  Sometimes this means that parental consultations are the best support.  In these consultations, we will fully explore an issue and identify strategies that you can implement to support your child moving forward.  

We can also offer general support for parents on common developmental challenges such as toddler behaviour, baby and toddler sleep, eating, and child development.